DARE Liberty Lectures connect the curious and the experienced through a programme that has become an established part of Leeds’ cultural offering.

A series of specially commissioned public lectures at the Howard Assembly Room, these talks explore the myths and realities of liberty.  The events, which include a lecture followed by Q&A,  are introduced and chaired by an academic from the University of Leeds.

Past lectures have included: –

Dave Goulson: Silent Earth. November 2021.

Ann Pettifor: The Green New Deal. March 2020.

Afua Hirsch: Brit(ish). March 2019.

Gina Miller: Rise. February 2019.

Philippe Sands with Guillaume de Chassy: East West Street. October 2018.

Hisham Matar: The Return and how he came to write it. March 2018.

George Monbiot: Out of the Wreckage how communities can be rebuilt and economies recharged without destroying the living planet. February 2018.

China Miéville: The Politics and Story of the Russian Revolution. October 2017.

Tariq Ali: The Dilemmas of Lenin. April 2017.

Stefan Collini: Speaking of Universities. March 2017.

Nicholas Wolpe: Power Politics and the Past in South Africa. September 2016.

Jasmin Alibhai-Brown: What Englishness Really Means. June 2016.

Paul Mason: Beyond Resistance. June 2014.

Seumus Milne: The Enemy Within, the Secret War Against the Miners. May 2014.

Sigmund Bauman: Martyr to Hero to Celebrity. May 2013.

Simon Critchley: Is This What Democracy Looks Like? June 2012.

Tariq Ali: The Dilemmas of Lennin. April 2017.

Gareth Peirce: Dispatches from the Dark Side. April 2011.

Tariq Ali: Eight Meditations of War and Peace. April 2011.


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