DARE Academics in Residence create new material and public events.

Philip Kitcher, John Dewey Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University, became immersed in the creative process for Opera North’s Ring cycle in 2016. He engaged with the creative team, wrote for the programme and lectured at the University of Leeds.

Edmund Gordon, writer of the critically acclaimed biography of Angela Carter and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at King’s College London, spent time with practitioners and students during Opera North’s 2017 Fairy Tales season. He found the DARE programme to be “a hugely valuable initiative allowing academics to peer outside their discipline, gain first-hand insights into a vibrant artistic community, and present their research to fresh audiences.”

“It was a privilege to listen to award-winning writer Edmund Gordon talk about his work and the art of creative writing.  As an avid reader and opera-goer it is enriching to gain new insights into story-telling.”
June Jolly, Audience member, DARE Inside Opera event with Edmund Gordon.


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