Leeds Creative Labs: DARE Edition have allowed space for artists and academics to talk, think and create differently.

DARE has supported sixteen Creative Labs as part of the university’s Cultural Institute since 2015. Arts practitioners from dance, literature, opera, sculpture, theatre, illustration and music have each spent time with an academic from diverse fields including biological and environmental sciences, arts and humanities, medicine and education.  The only brief is to see what happens and share what has been learned… an unexpected liaison over three flexible days that allows partners to combine ideas and experiences, bringing new dimensions to the creative process revealing how, through partnership, knowledge can have greater relevance to the cultural sector.

“As artistic director of tutti frutti there is little space or time to take from the business of running a company or for making our creative work.  DARE Labs gave me permission to do exactly that, to take some time away to  meet new people with new  ideas  and new ways of seeing the world.  The seeds of ideas planted in this unique ‘DARE’ space are flourishing into some new theatre for children.  The other surprising outcome was it reminded me just how amazing my job is and that sharing a playful, creative approach with new colleagues, who had never worked in this way, was joyful.”  Wendy Harris, Artistic Director, tutti frutti. DARE Creative Labs 2016, who partnered with Dr Stephanie Steels, Lecturer in Social Work, Faculty of Medicine and Health. 

“Participating in DARE Creative Labs has opened new possibilities for student learning.” Dr Terry Kee, Reader, School of Chemistry. DARE Creative Lab participant 2016, who partnered with feminist theatre company RashDash.

“From entering into the unknown we found our shared interest in communicating topics fundamental to our society sparked a real energy and new ways of looking at combining science and theatre to connect with the world around us – including giving a joint performance.” Tyrell Jones, Director, Naive Theatre & Martin Zebracki, Cultural Geographer, School of Geography.

DARE Creative Labs 2015

DARE Creative Labs 2016

DARE Creative Labs 2017

Leeds Creative Labs: DARE Edition are part of a wider Creative Labs programme managed by the Leeds University Cultural Institute


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