DARE Season Partnerships develop stronger connections between student learning and the performing arts.

Each season, an identified School at the University of Leeds is connected more closely with an Opera North main-stage production, in ways that are relevant to assessed modules.  This brings students into the heart of the design and performance process.  Season Partners have included the Schools of English, Fine Art, Design, History, Italian, Music and Politics and International Studies.

Over 30 students from the School of Fine Art and the School of Design met designer Leslie Travers on the set of Opera North’s production of Mark Simpson’s new opera Pleasure.

“The Q&A with the key members of the creative team for Melville’s ‘Billy Budd‘ [a set course text] was a perfect starting point for our first sojourn into opera. Hearing the director’s muse on theatrical elements such as the appearance of certain instruments for certain characters, prepared us to be more active audience members.”
Sacha Crowther, MA English student 2016.

“It was particularly fascinating learning about all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes that normally you wouldn’t give a second thought about…you get a more rounded education. Hearing Tim Albery talk about his ideas for Macbeth made me think more broadly about how music and theatre work together.”
Charlotte Luddington, School of Music student

Thank you again for the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Opera North and I’m grateful to have been allowed to be present when voice coach Rosalba Lo Duca worked with singers performing on Don Giovanni – such a personal moment. I learned how precise you have to be and how much work goes into each line of every aria.”
Jane, Italian Language and Culture student


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